Item 1: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 1: do 70 percent of Britons racially discriminate? Yes they do." Presented by Shams Pirani (Witness statements from: President Obama, Doreen Lawrence, LSE, European Social Survey, British Medical Association, 200 leading jewish (mostly israeli) commentators specialising in topics related to anti-semitism, Primo Levi, holocaust survivor.)

Item 2: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 2: Is gluten BAD FOR EVERYBODY? Yep." {in production}

Item 3: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 3: Is 'the white race' a nonsense? Yep" {in production}

Item 4: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 4: Was the mechanical philosophy debunked? Yep." {not yet in production}

Item 5: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 5: Is the mechanical philosophy near-universally treated as true in the western and other materialistic societies? Yep, it sure the hell is." {not yet in production}

Item 6: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 6: Is there only one single human language, which our many languages are all just external forms of? Yep, that is so." {not yet in production}

Item 7: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 7: Is the near-universal failure to accept the debunking of the mechanical philosophy now leaving not only the bulk of humanities specialists but even hard science specialists centuries behind modern human scientific advancements? Oh yeah. That's the way it most certainly is (while Boris Johnson was busy winning elections by telling morons that they are 'centuries ahead of the muslim world')." {not yet in production}

Item 8a: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 8a: Did I, from 2012 to 2022, spend a huge amount of time and effort analysing data very carefully using a number of methods and a number of tools I programmed myself using PERL such that I established useful financial trading rules which can enable even the lowest-budget so-called investor or trader earn so-called profit? Yes" {not yet in production}

Item 8b: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 8b: Would any form of salaried labour or other mindless toil-marinated work have 100% precluded anyone from achieving what in Item 8a it shows beyond reasonable doubt that I achieved? That is indeed the reality, my friends. Bad luck on your cowardly choices, most of you." {not yet in production}

Item 9: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 9: Without absolute intellectual honesty no financial technology or methodology in the world is worth any more than 50p and a mango? Yep. That's the beautiful truth." {not yet in production}

Item 10: "Beyond reasonable doubt, episode 10: " {topic not yet selected}

Educate yourself, human at the mercy of corporate monsters: "mega corbyn" algorithm - a trading methodology I am devising to enable socialists, ecology activists, Chomsky fans and others to not only surmount personal penury but to empower movements - taking into consideration pressures on your time and your mind, and the need for methods which require the absolute bare mimimum to trade with (a few quid, literally, well a few 100 ideally, at least).

The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become.
The farther you take my rights away, the faster I will run.
You can't deny me. You can't decide to turn your face away.
No matter because there's something inside so strong.
I know that I can make it though you're doing me wrong, so wrong,
you thought that my pride was gone, oh no, there's something inside so strong.
The more you refuse to hear my voice, the louder I will sing.
You hide behind walls of Jericho. Your lies will come tumbling.
Deny my place and time, you squander wealth that's mine, my light will shine so brightly...

The algorithm below, "Jege, Gershwin and Thing Addams join The Borg Collective" ought to enable many of you to do that also, over a longer timeframe of several election cycles. But the megacorbyn algo will dramatically alter the pace at which you can create the aforementioned wealth. "Investing" in markets is an inherent risk, individually and systemically. It's up to you to engage correctly, intelligently and indeed ethically with the tools available to you and use them in the right way to do the right thing. No one has a right to judge you just on the basis of your using these tools. Almost nobody I know in the world other than base materialists has any respect for my work and any number of people will very passionately, if pressed, talk about what a loathesome piece of shit I am for doing all this (particular) work, which makes no sense to me at all. So it's up to you, readers, whoever you are, to come down this path with me. These are the tools of our times, in order to make change (Chomsky tells us) we have to make it impossible for those in power to NOT change. They can't be politely asked, they have to be made to change. With such tools as these you can make them change. The judgmental will claim that you are inherently greedy and will abuse these tools - not so. Chomsky and others have shown you are inherently capable of being morally sound. As for these tools - whatever people's reasons for not boldly using these tools themselves, they have no right to tell YOU that your use of them is some kind of immoral and disgusting behaviour. Almost nobody I've ever met, including those who think they admire these tools (ie the outright materialists) has ever truly respected me for what I really do. This behaviour on their part clearly did not stop me from not only succeeding but from succeeding in a way which I hope you too will come to see puts me on top of those who force themselves on top of ALL of us. Those who judge me for using and mastering these tools are foolish when they imagine that they have a right to determine how I go about seeking my own freedom.


CLUE: You can massively increase the speed of money production, using such rules, if you use a different 'thing to trade on', something fat and fast (and risky). The same type of percentage gain in a much shorter period than would happen with this slow steady eurodollar doohickey.     Thus: click here to return to previous broadcast and learn more and enhance your mind. NB most people are demonstrably too stupid to use the financial system without losing and sites which allow you to carry out such trades will, at the moment, warn you that around 65 to 75% of people trying to do so just lose. EU regulations re warning you about that may stop being applied in time here in the UK, for all we know. So bear it in mind. If you are a moron, stop being one before you attempt anything like this. NB it takes time to stop being a moron.


And here is something you can do with just one clever additional rule, to the same thing above in the same time period - so you see you have a real incentive to not be a moron, that's the only way you'll figure out how to do THIS:



And here is a comedy feature presentation coming soon..




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Disclaimer not to be read by numpties: (seriously, any numtpies please fuck off, do NOT read that, you are too moronic and backward to even read the first two words, give up, go and do something easy, not requiring any intelligence, honesty, soul, spirit, effort or sense of responsibility or accountability, in short fuck off, do not read that, it's NOT FOR YOU.)