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Thrust of argument: In the first box make your point and give a clear example which you could present to a jury, citing the name of the source if appropriate. Or present what your opponent would present to a jury. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Then present the mainstream and/or any other appropriate attack you or your opponent (accordingly) will have to face (you are convincing people, you must prepare them for the fight).


bae (at half strength)
AT APPROX 552.50 capita (at half strength)
AT APPROX 465.90 centrica AT APPROX 144.80 g4s AT APPROX 252.60 gkn AT APPROX 300.80 glencore AT APPROX 349.00 m&s AT APPROX 310.60 morrison AT APPROX 211.80 rollsroyce (at half strength)
AT APPROX 832.50 rsa (at half strength)
AT APPROX 597.00



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Removal of resistance: Then clearly show why that attack is weak and what makes it fail. Or if the initial point is your opponent's then explain how they would rebut your attack and what the error of doing so is. Unification: Finally say something which attacks neither side, which both sides would find it impossible to refute and which leads us closer to resolving the problem which it is all a part of.
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