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Being black precludes you from enjoying many or most activities.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Ultraculture.org writes ''Driving While Black' can be hazardous to your health. Here's a disturbing first-hand account of what happens when the cops lose their cool.

Whenever I'm wearing shorts, people ask where I got the scars that I wear on my right shin, and I have to decide whether I should tell the truth or feed whoever's asking some roller blading story.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Corbyn NEEDS to address these problems to the extent that they occur in Britain.


Read about a low-risk "end of day" trading method designed for long and stable periods of economic activity.


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Removal of resistance: Not all police are guilty of racial profiling and racist wrongful arrest. Unification: But without a doubt some are. I have seen footage of absurd violence by UK police on a guy who was later found not guilty in court (of obstructing them).

Mr Corbyn may well be right to want more police on the streets but he needs to also make the police an institution which non white people don't justifiably mistrust entirely.
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