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Thrust of argument: Elizabeth W. Corrie wrote 'Unable to sleep, I decided to write. For the past week, my email box has been flooded with desperate pleas for help from the people in Rafah, a Palestinian village on the border with Egypt. Since last week, the Israeli Army has relentlessly hammered the people of Rafah, destroying over 100 hundred homes, leaving at least 1000 civilians homeless. The image of these people, standing by helplessly as they watch their walls and roofs cave in under the pressure of the armored, D-9 and D-10 American made Caterpillar bulldozers-supplied to the Israeli army by the US government-has destroyed my sleep.

This image would make anyone of conscience sleepless, but it makes me sleepless because I cannot stop thinking about the horror my cousin Rachel Corrie would have felt witnessing this attack. Rachel worked in Rafah. Undoubtedly, she knew some of the people killed, wounded and/or made homeless by this latest attack. Rachel died in Rafah. She herself fell victim to the crushing blade of the bulldozer, the driver so intent on destroying a home that he had to destroy human life to do so'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: What inhuman monsters would kill all those Palestinians, then kill Rachel, then kill more and more Palestinians, never subject to justice or trial by the world?


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Removal of resistance: Israel is a psychotic serial killer with diminished responsibility. Unification: What is the USA? Is its responsibility also diminished? Are we dealing with a psychotic serial killer protected by a second psychotic serial killer?
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