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Living with periodic bombings by 'supreme beings', calling themselves Israel and NATO.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Kathy Kelly wrote 'A week ago, at the small guest house where friends and I stayed while visiting Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers (AYPV) in Bamiyan, eight of us huddled around one cell phone to participate in a conference call organized by Fellowship of Reconciliation members in the United States. The call was part of an ongoing effort to foster a connection between the AYPV and volunteers at the Rachel Corrie Center in Gaza. The Gazan center was started by Cindy and Craig Corrie, whose daughter, Rachel, had tried to stop an Israeli bulldozer driver from destroying the home of a Gazan family that had befriended her. The bulldozer driver crushed her to death.

I had asked the call planners to notify a close friend of mine who volunteers at the Center, hoping he might be included in the call. My friend - I'll call him Firas - had extended courageous hospitality to Audrey Stewart and me when we crossed into Gaza during the last four days of the Israeli Operation Cast Lead assault which was waged against Gazans for 22 days, beginning in December 2009.

Firas, whose home has been bombed four times in the past several years, has tried hard to cope with living in a land under siege. He has survived periodic bombings and the tragic loss of close friends. When we were with him in Gaza, he took us to visit patients who had been wounded by tank-fired white phosphorous weapons. We sat with villagers, in ransacked homes, whose family members had been burnt to death. On our last day with him in Gaza, Firas described having been with Rachel Corrie on the day she died. Filled with anguish by the memory, he put his head in his hands and cried.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The arrogance of Israel's state, its establishment and supporters has reached the limit humanity can take.


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Removal of resistance: This matter is humanity's highest priority and stopping Israel will also give us the position we need to dismantle nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, all corporatism, in fact. Unification: Shame on Israel and its 'supporters' - what bloodlust they have. What sick minds they are teaching their own kids to have also. Let us hope their kids rebel furiously against them.
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