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Thrust of argument: Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero wrote 'Most Americans who know something about the FALN do so because of the bombing of Fraunces Tavern in southern Manhattan on January 24 1975. The tavern was- and still is- a classy bar-hangout for New York City's upper crust- what we now call the 1%- where in 1783 George Washington bade farewell to his troops after the end of the Revolutionary War. The bomb that went off that day killed four and wounded tens of others. It is not easy to talk in a neutral way about a bombing that took place just a few blocks away from the World Trade Center. But if we don't, then right-wing pundits will, adding their own particular and convenient ideological spin. Every time Oscar is up for parole, right-wing campaigners linked to law enforcement agencies take relatives of the bombing's victims to the parole board and to the media to speak up against his release. But they tend not to mention one significant fact: he is not in prison because of the Fraunces Tavern bombing. In fact, no one is. Nobody was ever convicted or even prosecuted for that act. Oscar is not in prison for any violent action.

Another unmentioned fact is that, according to a FALN communique, the Fraunces Tavern attack was in retaliation for a bombing that took place in Puerto Rico two weeks earlier. On the eleventh of that month, a bomb went off in a public activity of the independence movement in the town square of the city of Mayagüez. Two people were killed: socialist activist Angel Luis Charbonier, and Eddie Romàn, a bystander. To this day, no one has done time or been prosecuted for this act, although the independence movement has some pretty good leads as to the specific identities of those behind the bombing. These leads have been presented to the Puerto Rico Justice Department, which has done nothing with them.

It is not my intention to either justify or repudiate what happened in Fraunces Tavern, but rather to give an appropriate context for understanding it. But, as Noam Chomsky has repeatedly told us: if you try to start a rational discussion of terrorism you get accused of being an apologist for terrorism, or worse.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Alex Cockburn and Noam Chomsky have shown how Kennedy was a vicious war monger and was indubitably murdered as claimed by the Warren Report - by Lee Harvey Oswald, a militant left wing nut job.


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Removal of resistance: This is clearly a topic very rarely discussed by self-professed 'liberals' - i.e. 'neo liberals' - of any sort, any side of the spectrum. They all take the disney-style view. The one soundbites taught them. Unification: You need to read, and know what you're talking about. If you want to know more about Kennedy, look that up on this grid using the two search boxes available, or indeed on Counterpunch or Noam Chomsky's site, etc etc.
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