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Thrust of argument: Jon Queally writes 'Kissinger served under President Nixon and is widely reviled by human rights advocates for his involvement in orchestrating the Vietnam War and defending U.S. foreign policy, including various atrocities, across the planet for more than half a century'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Queally points out 'Democracies should hold their officials accountable for their acts. That's why we demand that Kissinger be arrested for crimes against humanity and tried at the Hague'.


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Removal of resistance: I suggest you read 'Necessary Illusions' by Noam Chomsky to understand exactly what Queally is talking about and why it is absolutely vital we really do this before Kissinger dies and gets away with his crimes the same way Savile did with rape. Unification: I would suggest to everyone, including myself, that we read Necessary Illusions very carefully, becoming precisely familiar with the entire book. After that I will be doing doing the same with Orientalism (Edward Said), A Colossal Wreck (Alexander Cockburn), and 'If this is a man' (translation of Primo Levi's Se questo è un uomo).
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