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Britain's long relationship with invading people and creating war at home and in invaded lands.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Rosa Gilbert writes 'In August 1971, the British Army arrested hundreds of suspected terrorists from Catholic/nationalist areas and interned them without trial in prisoner-of- war camps and on boats. Whilst many suffered brutality, fourteen in particular were chosen for in-depth interrogation using what became known as the five techniques (hooding, wall-standing, subjection to noise, deprivation of sleep, deprivation of food and drink).

In a landmark case, the government of the Republic of Ireland took the UK to the European Commission on Human Rights, accusing them of torturing these fourteen men. Whilst the Commission judged that the UK had used torture, this was overturned when the case progressed in 1978 to the European Court of Human Rights which agreed that whilst article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached, the five techniques amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment but not torture. The British military, the government, and the RUC were off the hook.'

Gilbert explains 'On 2 December 2014, the Irish government decided to ask the European Court to re-open the case upon the discovery of evidence indicating that the British government misled the Court in 1978: according to ministerial papers, the government knew that the severity of the interrogation constituted torture, and its use was given approval at ministerial level.

Another manifestation of brutality in Northern Ireland that is currently being investigated is the shoot-to-kill policy of the RUC. Within 31 days in 1982, seven unarmed terror suspects were shot (six died and one survived) by police, all within the same region of Northern Ireland. A subsequent inquiry by a senior British policeman was never published, presumably because his conclusions were critical of the security forces.

Thirty years later and no closer to the truth, the senior coroner of Northern Ireland has started an inquest into these deaths. He has been met with intransigence and non-cooperation on the part of the reformed Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), even discovering that the documents relating to the original unpublished inquiry have been destroyed. Extra-judicial killing by police is not uncommon in the United Kingdom. Recent victims include Mark Duggan, Ian Tomlinson, and Jean Charles De Menezes, among many others who have died in suspicious circumstances in police custody. No police officer has ever been found guilty of these deaths'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The term 'terrorism' is so vague and meaningless, it renders the concept meaningless, whatever you are talking about, rubs it into a huge pile of confused ideas and events.


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Removal of resistance: England waged war against Ireland and stole a lot of Ireland and still keeps it and in that area there is more hatred and division than anywhere 'else' in 'England'. It is also home to some of the most imperialist institutions in 'England' I believe - but I'll have to research that and lay down a list. Unification: Ian Tomlinson can be called 'a terrorist' - such is the vague way we define it (if a policeman kills it, it's probably a terrorist, we are told, and often believe). Watch videos of him on Channel Four, the Guardian, elsewhere. He was a newspaper vendor walking home when a criminal policeman came from behind and violently assaulted him - after which he died, and it has been impossible to verify exactly how his death occurred. But it was 'either' a heart failure of some sort caused by the violent assault he had just suffered or it was a heart failure of some sort and the violent assault didn't really make it more likely to happen, oh no.

So far the judiciary appear to have taken the line that it didn't really make it more likely to happen, oh no, and I will read all about it and write what I think about that and find out if there is any appeal in place and if the police are likely to be challenged about this again one day. That's what I'm going to debate about with this item.
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