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Thrust of argument: Jonathan Scott wrote 'This problem is complex and cannot be addressed properly in short articles on the Internet. But one provisional conclusion to draw is that other side of the dialectic, the half that's never been told, is where the answer lies. Do most Americans support Israel precisely because it's a racist and colonialist state? If so, then it follows that the majority of Americans will never be convinced the Israeli occupation is morally wrong, just as the majority of Americans have never been convinced that white racism is morally wrong. Just as they refuse to acknowledge, by way of a simple national apology, that the foundation of this society for its first two centuries was the mass extermination of American Indians and the imposition of hereditary lifetime slavery on African Americans.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Scott lamented 'While rejected out of hand around the world as the basest kind of racist and colonialist apologetics and thought control, critics and scholars in the U.S. have spent many years exposing Zionist cover-ups such as this one. Still, a recent survey shows that 66 percent of Americans polled continue to support Israel unconditionally.'


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Removal of resistance: In Britain denial over the disgusting lack of action by the mainstream over ever-growing racism has led to a major disaster in the form of the right wing 'Brexit' fiasco. Unification: It's high time everyone in this country sits down, shuts up and begins to accept the truth about how ignorant and racist Britain is so that we can start fixing the problem.
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