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What the built man in the gym said in his video.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: He said that the reason 9 out of 10 people fail is that they don't sincerely want to succeed. They don't have a real 100% drive within them, about the matter. They have not made a choice to lose weight. They are, in fact, 'half hearted' - not in their ambition to be slim and 'privileged' (in this classist objectist society) - but in their belief that they have any real capacity to pull off this 'great feat'). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: You see they don't have the will to get it done, so they are not thorough.


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Removal of resistance: They do not see it through, microscopically and macroscopically. Unification: They don't get on the case. They don't take on the challenge. They don't let themselves be free of emotions and shame - such that they can actually admit that it is absolutely necessary for them to do this getting on the case and deal with whatever discipline they have chosen in a mature adult way, accepting the thin instead of the fat, so to speak.
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