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Where next for Labour's war mongers in an era of Corbyn?   Share:  
Thrust of argument: I think it's time that there is a full and honest review of military actions by our society in recent years undertaken by those of Labour's war mongers who want to be taken seriously in a world where the meaning of the expression 'public debate' is becoming ever closer to what Chomsky may, hypothetically, call 'really existing' public debate (ie bullying of the masses by a small group of media owners, using contrived writing produced by well paid factory slaves in offices and so on). Direction of resistance / implied resistance: In hoob-speak, that would be spelled out clearly as: look at the facts you war mongers, read all that is available, for example material shown on tvhobo, and admit in public to any errors you may have committed and show us you can correct your mistakes.


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Removal of resistance: The same applies to Conservative war mongers also, without a doubt. Unification: But in the next general election I think it's important that Labour war mongers realign themselves with an increasingly antiwar electorate - you have to represent that electorate and it finds your war mongering unacceptable, clearly, as the 'Corbyn surge' demonstrates resoundingly.

It's up to you - if you want history to take you seriously then make a public statement on the basis of all the facts available, presumably condemning war and the 'war machine'. You may immediately come under fire from 'powerful lobby groups' and others - and be labelled all manner of horrible things by gutter 'news papers' - but if you have any integrity then doing the job you do is all about that - if that's not going on already, you're doing something very wrong.

Institutions like the Fabians are unlikely to change and embrace such socialist principles as antiwar, but there is no reason why elected MPs can't, even if they had up until this moment been fully in the pocket of Blair, Fabians, corporate goons, etc. As MPs they have the people defending them against that, ultimately - in the case of an election. As Corbyn has proved, resoundingly.
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