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Can Alistair Burt (MP for North East Bedfordshire) explain to me the mechanics of how American soldiers can somehow 'accidentally' end up being able to rape little boys in front of their mothers, on camera. I just don't understand the mechanics of how our system broke down and failed such as to 'permit' this.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: The people of North East Bedfordshire need to clarify at the next election whether or not they still want an MP who will stand side by side with soldiers who rape boys on camera in front of their mothers. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Burt voted recently to bomb Syria and sits happily with the genocide industrial complex.


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Removal of resistance: Read about the impact made by men like Burt in YOUR NAME, people of North East Bedfordshire - openly, for all the world to know that in YOUR NAMES many many many people will be killed. Read all of this, please:

Britain and other western nations set to repeat catastrophe of Blair and Bush era and suffer all the same consequences again.,

Conversation revealing US lies about Syria leaked to Hersh.,

Should British, American and other 'European' peoples be okay with many civilians' (in places like Syria and Iraq) being 'purposely' bombed regularly by us and in the name of us, our civilians, adult and children alike? Should we allow this to go on? Is doing so an act of violence by us specifically against those civilians? Does it 100% create 'terrorism' on our soil in the form of people trying to do back to us what we do to them?,

Ex-weapons-inspector Scott Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD - he backs Hersh in the dispute over Trump's Syria lies.,

Anyone who works for the mainstream western news media ought to be ashamed about not quitting their jobs today and should apologise to their own children for the harm their masters do to others.,

As many as 7 million innocent, mostly 'muslim' people may have been killed in your name. That's something like 23,000 buildings like the Grenfell Tower all being incinerated in that fashion - that's how many people 'we' have killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, 23,000 lots of the Grenfell Tower. Died in the same way - innocent and in the way of corporations' dollars. All this death has to be stopped and everything leading up to it. 'Our' war machine is beyond the pale.,

Time for regime change in the UK and USA - chemical weapons should not be tolerated. Government forces using such munitions must be seriously disciplined along with the governments behind such forces.,

Theresa May (and Tony Blair) seem to think there is a 'magic money tree' for spending billions and billions on weapons, bombing and creating refugees.,

How certain does our government want to be about the numbers of people who aren't doing anything to us or it whom it is indiscriminately killing?,

Keep spreading antiwar, keep talking about antiwar, keep shaming warmongers, keep shaming stooges, keep shaming apathy which subjugates itself to war mongers. You are making democracy and helping to save lives and build futures.,

Michael Mansfield will get Blair convicted in the end, I have no doubts.
Unification: Clearly the people of North East Bedfordshire have to decide whether they are on the side of the human race or on the side of fossil fuel giants, corporate power, genocidal militarism and imperial activity. Naturally the rest of the world is just as entitled to make judgments about North East Bedfordshire as the people there are apparently entitled to judge others. As for butchery and bombing, in my view nobody should do it, not the people of North East Bedfordshire and not those who survive those butchered in the name of the people of North East Bedfordshire who once again voted in this diseased imperialist man who backs rapists and murders without bothering to even see that that is what he is doing, presumably. Is that the kind of man or woman who should represent your children to the rest of the world? I think not.

Burt's allies have raped little boys in front of their mothers on camera, as described (see article in the references below).

So again, Alistair Burt MP - can you explain the mechanics of how these little boys were raped in front of their mothers - how our system broke down - how this act of barbarism was 'able' to happen despite the 'command structure' of our 'armies'. Do tell, Mr Burt. DO TELL!
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