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'It may play well in the Mail or Express but advocating murder will only increase instability' (Lindsey German).   Share:  
Thrust of argument: German tells us: "defence minister Gavin Williamson, who was among the guests of honour at the 3,700 person launching ceremony, also chose today to declare open season on those who went to fight for Isis in Iraq and Syria. He was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying 'Quite simply, my view is a dead terrorist can't cause any harm to Britain.' Williamson also said 'I do not believe that any terrorist, whether they come from this country or any other, should ever be allowed back into this country.'

One Tory minister advocating the killing of British citizens who fought for Isis might be random. But his predecessor Michael Fallon used similar language, calling them a 'legitimate target'. And back in September another minister, Rory Stewart, said that in almost every case the way to deal with British born Isis fighters was to kill them.

One has to assume both that when three ministers say this, it is policy, and policy which they are happy to publicise. It may play well in the Mail or Express, but it is both a brutalising policy, likely to lead to further terrorism and instability, and one of dubious legality. Shocking though it might be to Tory ministers, it is not ok to just go around assassinating people outside the normal rules of war. In fact, it is against international law, unless there is immunity through declaration of war or the right to immediate self defence."
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Williamson must resign. His illegal statement does not belong in the mouth of an MP, let alone someone in the cabinet.


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Removal of resistance: The biggest harm to Britain from Williamson and others calling for and backing these Hitlerian policies - lies in the financial compensation the nation will one day have to pay precisely because it has broken the law in this way and continues to. Unification: Williamson and others like him are harming society and the world through the instability they foster - but also the wealth of Britain will be hit by the compensation we are one day forced to pay - on that day Williamson's words WILL be quoted in court and it will ratchet up the costs, without a doubt.

RESIGN you evil shit, Williamson. Get the FUCK out of Parliament. You are harming this country in so many ways you sick power-crazed fuckwit.
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