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There's a lot of work to do - a lot of British people have to stop being lazy and stop admiring themselves and 'their culture' so much and actually deal with THEIR OWN FLAWS.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: It's been bugging me at the back of my mind for a day or two. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I met a nice south London typically oblivious lady, elderly, had taught for 40 years at some school. Honestly doesn't believe that there is racism in the British workplace and I doubt I convinced her.


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Removal of resistance: What bugged me is that she, though she voted for Corbyn's Labour - because of Maybot and the theft of school meals from kids - she basically mentioned some Labour MP who attacked some Tory guy of being a 'token ghetto person' - and all this woman said about it was that she called him a ghetto person - she did not pick up on the nuance of token there - which fits with her being in total denial about Britain's widespread racism. In fact she was attacking the Labour MP for calling out the tokenism. And that's basically the opposite of fighting against racism, ie stopping people from calling out tokenism - for tokenism is a crucial part of maintaining racism and helps create the illusion of its non-existence. Unification: Despite such voters, Corbyn must not betray the many who voted for him hoping he will address foreign policy and racial disparity issues head on - in housing, education, politics, media and of course, genocide.
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