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Thrust of argument: Andre Vltchek writes 'A table was set up for two, an advertisement table, a table with a photo of a giant turkey, two elegant plates, and a U.S. flag sticking out into the air.

'Thanksgiving at Angkor Royal Cafe', a flier read. And: '23rd November.. Join us for a traditional Thanksgiving Feast'.

This was at one of the international hotels in Siem Reap, a Cambodian city near the world architectural treasures of Angkor Wat and the ancient Khmer capital, Angkor Thom.

The same day I read an email sent to me from the United States, by my Native American friends, with a link to an essay published by MPN News, called 'Thanksgiving Guide: How to Celebrate a Sordid History'. It began with a summary:

'While millions of Americans prepare this week to get into the holiday spirit, beginning with Thanksgiving, how many are prepared to view the day through an accurate lens? While to many Americans the holiday serves as a reminder to give thanks, it is seen as a day of mourning by countless of others. The truth is: European migrants brutally murdered Native Americans, stole their land, and continue to do so today'.

The day became an official day of festivities in 1637, to celebrate the massacre of over 700 people from the Pequot Tribe.

In a hotel, I approached a cheerful French food and beverage manager and asked him whether he was aware of what he was suggesting should be celebrated in one of his restaurants?

'Oh I know I know,' he replied, laughing. 'It is a little bit controversial, isn't it?'

'Bit controversial?' I wondered. 'It appears more like you are inviting people to celebrate genocide, a holocaust, with free flowing wine and a giant turkey.'

'I am trying to see things positively,' he continued grinning at me. Then he summarized: 'So I guess you won't be joining us tonight? What a pity..'

'What a pity,' I thought, 'what a pity.' I won't get to eat that famous American pie tonight and turkey and who knows what else, just because I am not eager at all to celebrate the massacres and land grabs perpetrated by the Empire.

The manager couldn't help asking: 'Where are you from?'

I knew he would ask. No European would say what I was saying.

'I'm Russian,' I replied.

'Oh I see,' he gave me that 'I should have guessed smile'.

'Russian-American,' I added.'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: He points out: 'I'm convinced that the French manager has been sincerely oblivious about what I was stating. He is supposed to be oblivious. There are, after all, 'our genocides', and 'the genocides of the others'. 'Our genocides', those that we triggered or committed, should never be discussed. Or more precisely, it is extremely impolite to discuss them. Most of the people don't even know about them, including many of the victims. On the other hand, the genocides committed by the others, particularly by adversaries of the West, are widely discussed, publicized, analyzed, inflated and very often even fabricated (All this described in detail in my 840-page book 'Exposing Lies Of The Empire').'


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Removal of resistance: I address this grid point to my old school and university 'friends' who find it so hard to admit to what Vltchek there describes so well. Unification: Read the rest via the link in the references below. I definitely must get hold of the book 'Exposing lies of the empire' which Mr Vltchek mentions.
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