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Ian Austin, Labour MP.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Let's start by saying this man is an ass. A Corbyn-phobic of the most virulent kind. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Rudely tried to make Corbyn 'shut up and sit down' or something, when Corbyn was speaking for millions of British people disturbed at Tony Blair's genocidal alliance with mad war hawks Bush and Cheney.


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Removal of resistance: In many ways his votes indicate someone who could, if he wasn't a stooge to genocidal racists, be of some use to Labour. Unification: But as things stand the man is an ass who throws his lot in ultimately with racist political agendas such as those of Trump, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, Blair, Cameron and May. He is a stain on Britain's name and without a doubt, after his treatment of Corbyn and his contempt for the antiwar movement, should be ejected from Parliament either by his party or failing that by the electorate, at the earlist. This man should piss the hell off from our corridors of power - he does not represent us he represents weapons firms and American corporate imperialism - he is a fifth columnist, as Galloway would say. A totally unmoveable one - clearly grovelling to the US war machine with no capacity at all to stand up and show courage or dignity. Get the bastard out. He should shut the fuck up and get out of Parliament he totally doesn't belong there. A total goon bastard. He will push all agendas which will lead to increases in war, terrorism, deaths 'at home' and abroad, division, hate, racism, demonisation - he's basically following the same agenda as the Sun and Murdoch in many ways. A total ass wipe. Hey, Austin, fuck off out of Parliament you ignorant war monger fuckwit. Seriously. Get the fuck out.
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