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Thrust of argument: Alice Bragg writes 'Stop The War members across the country come together in local groups, organising everything from rallies to leafleting, debates and seminars. They also mobilise people for national demonstrations'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: The community of love (that is the 'anti war' community) in Britain will hopefully become ever stronger with time.


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Removal of resistance: Perhaps we need more music festivals and other such events specifically for bringing that community together and ever more into the reach of anyone still outside it. Unification: Let's start calling on as many musicians as possible to come together in a big fat global antiwar festival to last ideally until we have united 100s of millions of voices against the war and enabled them to be loud enough to really end these mercantile feudal killings being called 'wars' in order to somehow gain public consent, albeit passively, for this business in human corpse making.
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