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The anthropocene era.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Chomsky tells us: "As we should all be aware, for the first time in history, humans are now poised to destroy the prospects for decent existence and much of life. The rate of species destruction right now is about at the level of 65 million years ago when a huge asteroid hit the Earth, ended the age of the dinosaurs, opened the way for the proliferation of mammals. The difference is that today we're the asteroid and the way may well be opened for beetles and bacteria when we've concluded our work.

"Geologists break the history of the planet into eras of relative stability. Pleistocene lasted several million years, followed by the holocene about ten thousand years ago, that coincided with the introduction of agriculture, and now geologists are adding a new era, a new epic, the anthropocene, beginning with the industrial revolution roughly two hundred years ago and it has radically changed the natural world. In the light of the pace of change one hates to think about when the next epic will begin and what it'll be. One effect of the anthropocene is the extraordinary rate of species extinction. Another is the threat to ourselves. No literate person can fail to be aware that we are facing a prospect of severe of environmental disaster, effects that are already detectable, and that might become dire within a few generations if current tendencies are not reversed."
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: We need to focus on changing the way we live.


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Removal of resistance: Only doing that can reverse, in any way, the situation we are facing. Unification: I'll try and provide references to the specific Chomsky material asap.
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