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Thrust of argument: Thought is central to intelligence, it IS organisation itself - thought and organisation of ideas are clearly one and the same set of structural mechanisms, often overlapping. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I built this 'grid' system, with very useful features (for me) such as being able to very easily pull up previous items, copy and paste key bits - whether off the site or indeed into new grid points, including copying and pasting url references easily, and enabling me to take the organisation of ideas and thought to many new levels.


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Removal of resistance: It has other uses, such as its capacity to communicate much useful information, and that's always the case, even with future developments which have now kicked off. Unification: But the key part of those developments is to make the site even more useful to me than at present, in terms of the organisation of thought and ideas, as well as the organisation of development of thought and ideas, and actually it's quite useful in the albeit often trivial field of communication also.
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