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Idiot Gandhi was murdered by a hindu terrorist.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: B.L. Gowani writes 'Gandhi kept on .. pissing on Jinnah Gandhi kept on pissing on Jinnah Jinnah kept on objecting

while maintaining restraint

but Gandhi kept on pissing on him

when it became too much for Jinnah Jinnah pissed on Gandhi's face

lo and behold!

the liquid froze on Gandhi's face

it became the map of Pakistan!

India ceased to be India

became Pakistan and India

Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs were not regarded human but were seen as religious beings

hence for Muslims, the blood of Hindus and Sikhs was halal and for Hindus and Sikhs, killing Muslims became their dharma over a million died - Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs

countless women of all religions were violated

over ten million migrated across the borders'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Gowani warns us 'Gandhi was against untouchability but was in favor of maintaining the caste system.'


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Removal of resistance: The savage bastard Gandhi, he tells us, said these diseased fuck-headed words: 'Untouchable hooligans will make common cause with Muslim hooligans and kill caste Hindus.' Unification: The perceptions of Gandhi in the west are actually very different to Gandhi's reality - people who know very little about that reality all too easily use Gandhi's name right along side that of Jesus - when clearly in far too many ways Gandhi was nothing remotely like the great Jesus of Nazareth.
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