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'Power for their own sweet selves': the anally retentive financial classes and the giant arse they all speak through.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Floyd writes 'There I found a long, larded piece of handwringing and breast-beating entitled, 'Corbynomics: The Road to Penury.' Here was rich and bitter comedy right off the bat. We have indeed been on the 'road to penury' for lo these many decades: a road built by the ravaging financial bulldozers of the elite, with the aid of their diligent servants in the political class: two groups well-represented in the CPS ranks. The report goes on to -

No, I won't do it. Life is too short to go through this kind of excreta at any length. It is not a political or economic argument, but a religious tract, put out by self-deluded moral morons who believe they are shining saints of goodness and reason - even while the rivers of shit and oceans of blood unleashed by their own extremist beliefs rise all around them. These are people who, like that pitiful plutocratic propagandist in Chicago, long for a universal 'Katrina' to sweep away the lesser breeds - and all vestiges of genuine community, all efforts at seeking the greater common good - so they can impose their vision of a 'clean,' corporatized, strictly managed, data-crunched and digitally controlled system of enrichment for the 'right' people, and endless helotry for the rest.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Floyd chides these diseased minded sons of corporate pimps: 'Sad, sad, sad, how very sad you neoliberal cargo cultists are. Waiting for the God of the 'market' (i.e., a rigged system of crony capitalism) to create universal prosperity by enriching an ever smaller circle of wealth devourers and war profiteers, while nations, communities, and individual lives continue to deteriorate. We have been on a 'path to penury' - your path, the jihad of greed and corruption - for decades. '


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Removal of resistance: As Jamiroquai has said - it's a virtual insanity we're living in. Unification: Money is supposed to be a means for society, not an end. People are not supposed to only be allowed good lives if they can afford it - the point of money is to enable all of society to function healthily and comfortably, for nobody to be left out of the loop.
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