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A vote to reject being looted by invaders.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Paul Craig Roberts writes 'Greek democracy has proven itself to be impotent. The looting is going forward despite the vote one week ago by the Greek people rejecting it. So what we observe in Alexis Tsipras is an elected prime minister representing not the Greek people but the One Percent'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: This is the sort of reasoning given by some for backing the vote for Britain to leave the EU.


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Removal of resistance: Max Keiser, however, would rebut that by pointing out that Britain has a very sweet deal in Europe and is in fact one of those who gains from the situation, indeed perhaps some would argue that British finance and industry gains from Greece's losses. Unification: And that's when those arguing to leave the EU for the reasons stated would have to point out that perhaps one doesn't want to be doing that.

One argument you could make against this would be that perhaps, and it's a long shot, by being within the EU we could replace our representatives there with people who have morals and ask them to put a stop to this kind of savagery 'from within'.

That is pretty much what Corbyn was saying in campaigns before the referendum and one can see the logic in it. Chomsky, meanwhile, apparently felt that the breaking up of the EU, if it were a result of Britain's vote, in the longterm, could lead to a surge in far right 'unity' across Europe and the birth of something even uglier and more destructive than Hitler's nazis - at least that's the impression I get from what Chomsky has said.

So it's a pretty delicate matter, to say the least.
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