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Thrust of argument: David Lavallee writes 'In my new film, To the Ends of the Earth, I document the current scramble for extreme energy, also known as unconventional sources of oil and gas, and their environmental, economic and social impact'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Arctic drilling and hydraulic fracturing are two 'methods' you, reader, should look into, read about and debate.


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Removal of resistance: Perhaps it is our concept of industry rather than our concept of regulation which needs more attention at this time, when innovating and reforming. Unification: Solar energy appears to be a worthwhile direction to look in. Whilst other alternative and clean energy may be limited, solar energy is technically linked to an infinite supply and with effort and intelligence can surely be made into such. A continuous free infinite energy supply. It's not the sort of project corporations are set up to be able to handle - it would need to be taken on as a social and democratic project and indeed institution. It is way more than our current global needs demand, and we can no doubt produce a huge amount from the various alternatives we have, but in the long run it is undeniable that we will want to attempt to derive infinite free energy directly from the sun and it is plausible to suggest that we may succeed.
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