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Thrust of argument: In episode 799 of the Keiser Report, Stacy Herbert explains 'there's a never ending supply of chumps who want to give you their money and believe your story that you're gonna somehow make them rich'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: And Max Keiser explains 'The rule on Wall Street is to shear never slaughter. Shear don't slaughter. So you have a book of clients, just constantly shear them every day - skim money off the top of your client book, but don't kill them, don't slaughter them'.


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Removal of resistance: Patriarchy and jingoism are the key ingredients to ensuring the chumps remain deluded. A great deal of the time you may see instrument or currency x suddenly fall a lot, and then it goes back up a tiny bit, and the degree of change is reported with the same strength of language in the media - so a drop of 2000 is reported as a fall and then a rise of 150 a 'rebound' - ie the reader is deceived by the media and its emotional hysterical tactics into perceiving the word 'rebound' as 'regain' - ie to imagine that of the 2000 lost, much has been regained. In fact if it drops 2000 and then 'bounces' up a few hundred that does not mean anyone can hope that it will not then go down a further 1000 - all instruments move in a zig zag most of the time, yet 'journalists' reporting events often report part of a zig zag as though it's a new zig zag. When even most of the traders are scientifically illiterate, what can we expect, though? Unification: Herbert informs us that Marketwatch.com writes 'research shows, over and over, that stock brokers can't do anything demonstrably valuable. They don't know which stocks will go up or down and when. They don't know which asset classes will outperform this year or next. Nobody knows. That's the point'.
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