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Tories were warned that their racism would lose them many seats but the dinosaurs wouldn't listen.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Left foot forward tells us "Ian Birrell - a former speechwriter to Cameron in the Tory leader's modernising days [..] points to the abject failure of Mitt Romney's anti-women, anti-BAME, 'angry white man' approach". Direction of resistance / implied resistance: They tell us that Birrell says "If the party is to prosper, it must learn the lessons of the past. It needs to find ways to broaden its appeal to minorities; not being white is, after all, the single biggest determinant in not voting Conservative. Instead, they have appointed a man who could undermine all that David Cameron stands for and whose approach risks long-term damage to the party brand."


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Removal of resistance: And moreover Birrell concludes: "It is this that makes Crosby's hiring such a regressive step, even if he does impose order on an operation that has been dysfunctional at times. For it is a step back into the nasty party past, a major setback for the modernisers trying to turn the Tories into a more powerful and positive electoral force in tune with a changing nation.

If the Tories revert to his reactionary tricks, they risk profound damage to their long-term prospects."
Unification: Theresa May's humiliating loss of her majority and sudden dependence on the homophobic DUP has somewhat proved Birrell's warnings correct. Unfortunately for the Tories, the'yre too self-adulating and inherently racist as an institution to have paid any heed to these warnings. Such a party poses an extreme threat to the running of our country, particularly in such delicate times. Their lack of competence is bad news for the NHS and indeed for the so-called 'Brexit negotiations'.
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