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Thrust of argument: Carrie Giunta writes 'What is real and tangible is the US' increasing demand for the natural resources Venezuela has in superabundance.

Resource wealth can be a blessing and a curse. Not only is Venezuela the fifth largest oil exporting country in the world, with the second-largest reserves of heavy crude oil, but also add to that the country's rich mineral reserves, plus a turbulent economy, and you have a recipe for 'resource curse'.

Staving off the dreaded resource curse, Venezuela has paved a new road to success. Key to sustaining this progress is the country's ability to maintain its own mineral wealth.

Venezuela sits on mineral reserves of gold, iron ore, diamonds, coal, uranium and the precious mineral coltan'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Giunta tells us 'If a top-rated US news programme portrays China as a threat because it possesses giant mineral reserves that the US needs for its defense industry, then what does this say about the blue gold wars raging across the Eastern Congo and northern Amazon?

Conflict-free advocacy overlooks the links between minerals and the weapons manufacturing industry, focusing narrowly on smart phones, laptops and tablets. It is doubtful defense companies will be seeking out conflict-free mines and transparent, traceable supply chains.

A conflict-free weapon is still an oxymoron.'


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Removal of resistance: If you work in the arms industry, consider the 7 million dead merely in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years because of YOU - and ask yourself what dollar value you sold those people's lives for! Unification: Seriously. Get a spreadsheet or whatever it is you use to think with, put 7 million dead people in one box, and in another, next to it, put your estimated informed answer to the question: 'how much money was made by doing that?'
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