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Thrust of argument: Nafiz Ahmed writes 'When the Sun's homegrown violent-extremist-in-residence Katie Hopkins calls for 'gunships' to be used against migrant boats carrying starving, desperate men, women and children from Libya, you don't expect her nutty ideas to be taken up enthusiastically by senior government officials in Europe.

Comparing immigrants to 'cockroaches' who spread like the 'novovirus,' she urged that asylum seekers should be threatened 'with violence until they bugger off'. Otherwise, British towns will remain 'plagued by swarms of migrants and asylum seekers''.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: With reference to Libya, Ahmed mentions 'Thus, although a prima facie (at first encounter) analysis of its own data supported a civilian death toll estimate of between 32,000 and 53,700 Libyans, the UN inquiry simply whitewashed these war crimes'.


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Removal of resistance: Ahmed points out 'Western governments also wanted to ensure that their oil conglomerates, BP, Shell, Total, Hess, ConocoPhillips, to name just a few, were in 'prime position' to pump Libyan crude after the war, alleviating Europe's oil and gas prices.' Unification: Feel free to read the full article by Ahmed via the link in the references below.
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