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Nuclear Iran would be no threat to Israel.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Richard Lachmann, Michael Schwartz and Kevin Young write 'Iranian leaders certainly repress their own population, some of their rhetoric is genuinely offensive, and they actively seek to help their allies in the region. But they, like every country in the world (including even the United States), appreciate the logic of the nuclear deterrent: that threatening or using the bomb against any nuclear-protected country would invite national annihilation. Even Israel's intelligence chief Tamir Pardo (a Netanyahu appointee) has acknowledged that a 'nuclear Iran [would be] no threat' to Israel. Or, as Yehezkel Dror, a former adviser to several Israeli prime and defense ministers, expressed it to the Times of Israel, ''With a nuclear Iran, I would sleep quite well'...based on the strength of Israeli deterrence and the doctrine known as MAD-mutually assured destruction.'

But it is this same logic of nuclear deterrence that explains why the United States and Israel have been so determined to prevent Iran from obtaining the capability to build a bomb. Stated simply: while a nuclear weapon is not a useful offensive weapon, it is a formidable defensive weapon. Given the long history of threats- and covert attacks and assassinations-from the United States and Israel, MAD might be the only effective deterrent against a full-on invasion. CIA veteran Bruce Riedel expressed this logic with sarcasm in 2012: 'If I was an Iranian national security planner, I would want nuclear weapons .. Those who don't [often] get invaded by the United States of America.''.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Israel and the USA's attempts to make others incapable of defending themselves is an obscene act of war.


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Removal of resistance: Humanity must find a way to require both those nations to be disarmed permanently and never again be permitted to actively wage war. Unification: The people in those nations are the ones whose duty it really is to make this happen.
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