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"We're gonna ride forever. You can't keep horsemen in a cage. Should the angels call, well it's only then I might pull in the reins". (Paul Gross, David Keeley)   Share:  
Thrust of argument: In these times the battlefield for social control has moved almost entirely into the financial arena. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Understanding and controlling any other area of society, thought or analysis makes very little difference to what you can do in the overall scheme of things - the financial landscape controls all from above.


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Removal of resistance: So you have to ask yourself what you're going to do about it. Unification: Are you going to sit there and keep trying to bring down the walls of the fortress?

Or are you going to flood it, with yourselves, and fight every bankster on his or her own terms, taking the battle to the very end of its path and leaving no escape route open for tyranny?

What are you? Humans or consumers? People or clients? Free or farmed?

Start by reading. Finding good information to work with. Start, in fact, before that, by facing up to your duty to learn, understand and always use 'the scientific method'.

I have to tell you some of the things I have found when researching this field intimately.

For example some of the technical things Robert Shiller mentions in his lectures, that's important, and also I have to tell you a lot of the little 'rules' and 'warnings' I have found offered by so many amateur educators in the field of options trading and futures trading and financial spread betting and so on - what's most important about those is where they totally contradict each other, where the truth becomes ever clearer - ie that the way things work out here is a 'case by case' thing - and you don't often or readily adopt any kind of 'general rule' - because an environment like this cannot ever be predictable enough to open the way for the lazy to mint money without effort. If that goes on in today's world, ie through 'Q.E.' - often called 'money printing' - that's not something which is a real part of the financial system - it's indeed some sort of anti-scientific aberration which should not really be here, according to the likes of the 'infamous' Max Keiser.

So there are a lot of factual, crucial things I have to tell you about here, if you are to understand more about the actual science of the financial sector, how to use that science, indeed for the benefit of humanity, progress, indeed equality.

Something else I need to explore and write about is what Max Keiser has said about 'activistic hedge funds'.

Of course I already do my best to cover financial news from the point of view of political activists at the heart of 'opposition' to the establishment, but that's just part of the political journalism covered here.

What I'm talking about adding is the equivalent of Feynman or Chomsky (scientists) (in their fields of Physics and Linguistics respectively), but in the area of Finance. So Shiller is a key man whose words need to be covered. Shiller, like those others, will only pull in the reins 'when the angels call him'. Like Keiser, indeed. My own observations about the many things I have read may also give you a clearer understanding about what really goes on in this world, the world of 'traders'. Not from the point of view of an echo chamber, whatever side of whatever 'chinese wall' it lies - but from the point of view of the lone maverick learning how to overpower even the biggest opponents, use nothing but wits, like some mounty, no flash weapons or swat team, to take that one thing which you are there to take. A profit.

For an example of how I myself would do that, check out the link in the references below.
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