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The Quality he was teaching was not just a part of reality, it was the whole thing. (click HERE for previous point in thread)   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Pirsig wrote "And finally: Phædrus, following a path that to his knowledge had never been taken before in the history of Western thought, went straight between the horns of the subjectivity-objectivity dilemma and said Quality is neither a part of mind, nor is it a part of matter. It is a third entity which is independent of the two." Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Perhaps an interesting path of enquiry to wander down is one which considers the nature of 'probability' in the context of the nature of 'will' - and examine any potential relationships between those two 'things'.


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Removal of resistance: The question of what quality is, as examined by Pirsig, does seem to throw up ideas involving will ('what a person likes') and likelihood (what kind of patterns, biological, relating to stimuli, lead to a person liking anything anyway?). Unification: I have no idea if anyone has written about these ideas but it's possible that if it has been studied in certain parts of the world's landscape of societies, the British author Idries Shah may have, somewhere in his many many works, mentioned this. It's worth hunting around there for such ideas - and no doubt elsewhere, but I wouldn't know where to begin. Perhaps with German philosophy? Certainly my intuition would lead me to nose around therein myself, if I had the chance and the time.
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