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Thrust of argument: Paul Street writes 'This omnipresent "homeland" rhetoric is profoundly nationalistic, authoritarian, and imperial. There's a Germanic, blood and soil feel about it: a sense that U.S. Americans connection to North America below the Canadian line (plus Alaska and Hawaii) is rooted in race, ethnicity, and ancestry. At the same time, it carries an implicitly imperial vision of the United States' global place and role. There's normal "defense" - "defense" of areas beyond our borders in alien regions we control and dominate - and then there's defense of us proper: the home/fatherland.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Street explains, with some reference even to the many crimes of JFK, amongst others, how "Elite class privilege must be defended at all costs inside the Inauthentic Opposition Party".


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Removal of resistance: By "Inauthentic Opposition Party" he makes it clear he means the democrats, including the Sanders democrats and also, by implication of other points he raises, Tony Blair's 'new Labour'. Unification: Read his entire article via the link in the references below. Particularly people whose knowledge of JFK is restricted to one somewhat blurred incident in his life and who know nothing at all, if they are honest with themselves, about his politics, his real political 'contribution', so to speak.
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