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Thrust of argument: Kristine Mattis writes 'We live in a time of unprecedented social disarray, ecological disrepair, public health decay, and moral depravity. Nearly every aspect of the way we live in modern industrial societies is completely unsustainable. Even if we were to transition to 100% solar energy tomorrow throughout the planet, the worst effects of climate change might be averted, but the plastic pollution that permeates the most far-reaching depths of the oceans would still remain, the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) that harm our own health and the health of the entire global ecosystem remain. Not only do they remain, but they continue to be produced, not out of necessity, but for the financial profit of the privileged few.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I myself would say, instead, "not out of necessity, but because of the weak will of the mass, the huge huge mass, of hyperconsumers who refuse to stop shopping."


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Removal of resistance: Kristine writes: 'We like to believe the cream rises to the top, but the truth is that the top is actually full of scum. We have seen in recent weeks, if we did not know already, that entertainment, politics, and indeed, all of the wealthiest industries are cesspools of moral depravity, especially at the apex.

There may be some exceptions, but scum is the rule. Some might call these people ambitious, some might call them razor-focused, others would call them sociopathic. It takes a careful regimen of willful ignorance and/or denial to not consider all the harms that directly and indirectly result from avenues toward career achievements in the process of our normal lives - harms such as exploitation of labor, torture of animals, and toxic contamination and of food, water, and natural resources.'
Unification: That may be true but the scum sinks to the bottom and spreads in every other direction too, equally, and as thickly. I would say 'it takes a careful regimen of willful ignorance and/or denial to not consider all the harms that directly and indirectly result from the daily narcissism and obedience to consumerism each and every member of society, regardless of 'wealth' or 'class' or 'race' or 'gender', with very very few exceptions, is subjugated to in the process of our normal lives'.

People don't take responsibility for feeding the corporations power and wealth through their daily obedience not only to the purchasing they do but also to the 'avenues of earnings' they mostly all follow, obeying the absurd infrastructure, accepting the norm, saying, like nazi soldiers, that they have to follow orders. These things, feeding them wealth, legitimising them and working for them, powering them, create the beast, not the ringmaster of the circus. The trucks come in and put the circus up, the ringmaster doesn't pull it out of his pocket. The consumer and animalistic nature of the increasingly (on all fronts, at the top and bottom alike, and in the middle too) hyperconsumer culture also drives the situation along with the money paid to the corporations and legitimisation through obedient slavery of a 'workforce' - people take less and less individual responsibility for society's collective failure, scapegoat fewer and fewer and fewer people (who will get the ticking bomb last? we wonder).

Changing their ways changes the world. The reason this matters so much is that the only difference between most of the other humans and the so-called plutocrats is really largely only the money - they are the same in every other key way, on the whole, in more or less all cases, so if you simply took a 'victim' and put them into the shoes of the 'oppressor' the victim would simply BECOME an oppressor - it would be no different to taking a new light bulb and putting it into the socket from which you have just taken one out. Without a change of character none of them has the moral high ground.

Martin Luther King Junior said "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character".

You obviously don't understand what that means if you lie to yourself that a few plutocrats are immoral and the rest of the human race is saintly and would, with the same wealth as the plutocrat, behave like Jesus or some fella like that.

Utterly self-deluded.

As Axl Rose sang: I know you don't want to hear me deny that your satisfaction lies in your illusions but your delusions are yours and not mine.

So whilst it's totally right that the counterpunch writer should draw attention to the lie we tell each other, well the mainstream, the majority, the masses tell each other, about their 'elite' which they are so proud of - I would myself point out that that elite is just as fucked up as everyone else and the degree to which EVERYONE ELSE is fucked up is actually huge. Amazingly huge. Whether or not it's their fault. Whether or not devices, stupid media products, all sorts of environmental and social meltdowns are 'to blame' - it's the trend to blame a problem on an identity - me tarzan, you rich person - you to blame. Me tarzan you (x) person, you to blame. X = so many things, on every side of every spectrum. Nobody says: me tarzan, me advanced human animal being, not fucking around in infantile hissy fits and territorialism - must unite in will power, with whole world, all stop being wasteful self-indulgent brink-of-apocalypse-mongering utter ape bastards, will evolve, no really will evolve, you jane.

It's always, me tarzan: you identity x. Identity x = other = enemy.

Hate breeds hate - so it's a vicious circle, a cycle of conflict and a carousel of adverseries. Century after century, leading to this, potentially the end of it all, one big proper fight where everyone is sure they're the most righteous identity x and that's far more important than - what's that? Oh, look - doomsday. When? About Friday.

That's how we are. Apparently. Stupid to the end.

OR - we can do something different today, we really can. You could start right now - but it's so hard - the real battle is for intellectual self defense and intellectual honesty.

Sure you need to free your entire life from the control of consumerism and the modern culture of indulgence for the sake of profit, but to do that successfully there is no way to avoid the fact that you have to learn true intellectual honesty.

This is going to start when more than the current about 0.01% I feel most of the time of society actually learns, properly, what the scientific method really is and how we all should use it - and then, this is the key, then the 0.0001% of THEM who actually get any real understanding of scientific method, who make it half way, should stop being lazy and failing to get it right and letting narcissism cause them to constantly be unscientific, often wilfully, and should be the leadership they are supposed to be. That's about the long and short of it, really.
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