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The belief in the existence of "race" is incredibly laughable and shallow.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Alan Goodman writes that "As an explanation for human variation, race is a tautology. It would be a shame to use the 18th century hammer of race when we have more useful tools: computers, multivariate statistics, and mounds of genetic data. This advance is significant because a more fine- grained analysis of human variation helps medicine and other efforts to understand human variation and can get at the actual cause of the variation." Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Indeed, asking the question "where did white people come from", Gary Leupp finds that "until a few years ago most supposed that the appearance of white skin had occurred much earlier. The European gene pool with its light complexion was supposed to have decisively "split off" from the (also light-skinned) East Asian gene pool by around 50,000 years ago, after which homo sapiens first appeared in Europe, then in China.

But this timeline may need to be adjusted. It now looks like European whiteness may have appeared much more recently. Maybe there were no "white people" in Europe as recently as 7000 years ago, during the lifetime of the blue-eyed hunter-gatherer, whom the Guardian article calls "swarthy."".


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Removal of resistance: Of course consumer-journalists such as the bulk of the Guardian's writers and editors will clearly be too proud and afraid to face the truth and stop trying to paint over it with public relations and words like "swarthy" (to try and maintain the idea of a separate "race" for themselves, considering their ancestors to be akin to "white people" with suntans, rather than just what they were - the same as all 'black', 'asian' and other people of the world, related as we all are). Unification: I have added (to this pile of great new pathways science is taking), this question (and my answer)... "Why stop at deconstructing 'race'? All life is a family.

Multicellular life came from one specific unicellular life form which 'acquired' a nucleus.

Bison, daisies, all people who have ever existed and all those who ever will, even everything you eat, and even some of your ornaments (flowers, plants) are all a 'descendant' of that unicellular life form.

Backwards from multicellular, to unicellular, back to the source, to radiation, the sun: it is all still "life" and "energy".

All energy in the universe is clearly a single "life form" and we have to see our physical form in the context of that."
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