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On Monbiot, a true purveyor of 'cleansed' journalism, ie one you may legitimately use the scientific method to define as 'fake'.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Jonathan Cook writes: 'Abandoning science

Back in 2007, the IAEA, an agency of scientists, did its bit to assist - or at least not obstruct - US efforts to foster a political case, an entirely unjustified one, for military action against Syria and, very possibly by extension, Iran.

If the IAEA could so abandon its remit and the cause of science to help play politics on behalf of the US, what leads Monbiot to assume that the OPCW, an even more politicised body, is doing any better today?

That is not to say Assad, or at least sections of the Syrian government, could not have carried out the attack on Khan Sheikhoun. But it is to argue that in a matter like this one, where so much is at stake, the evidence must be subjected to rigorous scrutiny, and that critics, especially experts who offer counter-evidence, must be given a fair hearing by the left. It is to argue that, when the case against Assad fits so neatly a long-standing and self-serving western narrative, a default position of scepticism is fully justified. It is to argue that facts, strong as they may seem, can be manipulated even by expert bodies, and therefore due weight needs also to be given to context - including an assessment of motives.

This is not 'denialism', as Monbiot claims. It is a rational strategy adopted by those who object to being railroaded once again - as they were in Iraq and Libya - into catastrophic regime change operations.

Meanwhile, the decision by Monbiot and others to bury their heads in the sands of an official narrative, all the while denouncing anyone who seeks to lift theirs out for a better view, should be understood for what it is: an abnegation of intellectual and moral responsibility for those around the globe who continue to be the victims of western military supremacism.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: I think it's up to you, readers, to bring justice to bear upon people like Monbiot.


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Removal of resistance: If you don't feed his lies by reading them, he will have to change. Unification: Just like if hundreds of millions of Facebook users were to show their disapproval of facebook's role in neo-Mcarthyism by staying away from Facebook, en masse, for a long time - they would be shaken up by not only the loss of profits but by the risk to their longterm business model - it would scare them a great deal and they may feel that they will not so easily get away with treating society as a bunch of totally easy-to-lead idiots.

It's up to you, reader. And all other readers. You can tolerate it, or you can make a statement by means of withdrawing your consent from Facebook - showing them that if they are willing to socially and politically manipulate you, you are willing to have a bit of fortitude and unaddict yourself from it for long enough to make them quake in their jackboots.
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