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Germany, Greece and the two faces of many a British 'remain voter'.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Pete Dolack writes 'It is a neoliberal world indeed when entire countries are bled dry to safeguard bankers' profits and doing so is presented as the highest moral duty. The human face might have been German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble in the role of Dr. Evil, but the minister is no more than a physical embodiment of powerful social and economic forces. Forces of human creation but not necessarily in human control.

So let us not over-simplify and place all blame at the feet of Syriza as 'opportunists' or whatever word of opprobrium one wishes. Nor should there be allusions that walking away from the euro, canceling the debt and the resulting cutoff from financial markets would be an easy road to take, even if, in the long term, it is the road that should have been traveled. Socialism in one country is not possible in one small country. Socialism in a single big country would be extremely difficult, if the entire might of the capitalist world were arrayed against it.

There are no Greek solutions for Greece, there are only European or international solutions'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Most of the 'remain' debates are very surface-level, very dishonest, focusing on a few emotionally potent oversimplifications, such as perceiving the entire desire to 'leave' as some form of racism - when you have people as ideologically opposed to racism as Lindsey German on the leave side, I think this is a very shallow and deceitful generalisation being made by 'remain supporters'.


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Removal of resistance: Indeed one such supporter I know speaks online in a pro EU way and never admits in public to any of these terrible crimes the EU has committed (although admits it plainly in private, of course). Unification: In private, on the other hand, he totally admits it, voluntarily - that is a serious flaw in society - that people imagine that they should have a public face and a public attitude which can entirely contradict their true private feelings. As for why you would take such a position in public but admit to its flaws in private - it can only, if you think about it, be because remaining in the EU is in the PRIVATE interest of that person, whoever may be in such a situation of two-facedness. Which is fair enough, but it's dishonest to pretend that their actions are in the interests of everyone and indeed to pretend in public that they see no legitimate counter argument. This is not democracy or science but game play, marketing, manipulation - and so regardless of the outcome of such a debate it is very easy to see that there is 'something rotten in the state of Denmark' - what we want in society universally is people making honest, open, transparent, intelligent and sensible decisions which are well-informed. That is not something which happens when people play games with truth in order to protect private interests, is it?
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