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Thrust of argument: Kat Craig, legal director at international human rights organisation Reprieve said: 'If the Prime Minister is going to call for more spending on drones, he needs to give us some answers on how they are being used. There is overwhelming evidence that the UK is closely involved in the US' secret drone war, which risks turning the whole world into a battlefield. Yet ministers have never once answered questions from Parliament or the public on the role Britain plays. Drone technology has enabled a vast expansion of secret bombing campaigns which take place without the knowledge or approval of the public. We need a full debate on these sinister aspects of this new technology before we go any further down this road.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: It is our right to know what violence and potential crimes our public servants are using our armies to carry out for corporations and other private entities who do not answer to us or serve us.


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Removal of resistance: Drone 'warfare' isn't even worthy of the name 'warfare' - it is clearly a system of executing people, not a system of 'fighting wars'. Unification: It is damning for all of society that this goes on and MPs must be accountable to us on this matter, amongst others. It is of the most serious importance that MPs do not go around the world having people executed, saying it's in our name that they do this, without our even knowing what precisely they are doing, how legal it is, how dishonourable it may be and what sort of backlash we the people end up facing as a result of it. That parents of British children don't know what's going on is, moreover, to some extent, given the degree of analysis and information available via democratic media online, an indictment of their ability to be responsible parents.
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