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Genocide of our food chain.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Heather Gray writes 'Governments have been engaged in politics to prevent a nuclear war since the United States dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. So far, thankfully, this prevention has been successful.

In 1995, I visited Hiroshima, Japan and visited the museum about the atomic bombing and its impact. The sad memories and effects linger.

The effects of the atomic bomb in Japan were devastating'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Gray compares the various speeds of death in Hiroshima to the various speeds at which industry is fucking over agriculture's wholesome natural roots. For example: 'Relatively soon after the introduction of contemporary industrial agriculture techniques, such as what Al Krebs referred to above as 'pesticides' or 'plant food' but which in fact are often highly toxic and deadly chemical poisons,' we witnessed the loss of soil integrity, our health being impacted, lower crop yields in some instances and farmer economic dependency on corporate agribusiness.

Natural and organic producers of food will say that what's most important for growing healthy food is the soil - it's all in the soil. In the south, the brilliant black agriculturalist George Washington Carver was a savior in that regard. He taught us that cotton production yields were down because of what cotton production did to deplete the soil of its minerals. He encouraged a rotation of cotton with legumes (peanuts, soy, etc.) to fix nitrogen in the soil.'


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Removal of resistance: In its hyperconsumer frenzies and pursuit of instant gratification, society has left its own potential survival far behind in the mists of time. Unification: We had better retrace our steps rapidly and take hold of our destiny - currently we are sleep walking into self-destruction.

I think the only kind of scientist who can comfortably tolerate the existence of nuclear weapons and of everything else damaging we have created, from GMOs and dodgy pesticides to bio warfare - is a political scientist - the only kind of 'scientist' who has no real link to the scientific method ('if it disagrees with experiment/experience, it's wrong' {Feynman}).

The war between real science and corporations (and their unholy alliance with proponents and students of that which is clearly misleadingly called 'political science') is on the menu. Real scientists must unify, with due expediency, against the attempt to subjugate scientific method beneath 'profitability'.
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