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The clandestine ways of tyranny.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Jonathan Cook explains: 'As soon as next month, the net could become the exclusive plaything of the biggest such corporations, determined to squeeze as much profit as possible out of bandwith. Meanwhile, the tools to help us engage in critical thinking, dissent and social mobilisation will be taken away as "net neutrality" becomes a historical footnote, a teething phase, in the "maturing" of the internet.' Direction of resistance / implied resistance: There is much in his article you really must read, indeed not least of all this: 'ISPs will be given a much freer hand to determine the content we can can get online. They will be able to slow down the access speeds of sites that are not profitable - which is true for activist sites, by definition.'


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Removal of resistance: It makes me glad that over the years I resisted all the pathetic fears of orthodox consumer minds that my site was 'too simple' - TVhobo's three main advantages have always been (a.) very low memory and bandwidth usage for the reader, always opens up faster than any other site, (b.) total independence from Facebook and Google, close to none of its readership coming from those routes, most of its readership loyal, (c.) structure designed to bring the elements of the information the user most wants to see most clearly into his or her field of vision in the most easy to handle layout (one mocked for appearing unsophisticated and yet which readership proves to be very happy with). Unification: I hope more of 'the left' starts taking my advice on how to go about developing in this society of ours - clearly reliance on 'social media' and the rest of it is weak. One thing many fear in tvhobo on all sides is its 'software' - which can be found on the gridmap page - just a little offering by me to the world at large to enable them to copy me directly if they really want, or close to it - but the software, like the site, is just there to encourage people to develop democratic media and critical thinking and intellectual self defense sites themselves, and to apply a great deal of self-scrutiny to their work so that when they attack the ignorance of the goons out there they do it in the strongest way possible. Perhaps less people should have feared using open hobo 'grids' as I have suggested in the general direction of many 10s of 1000s of readers, 100s of 1000s, indeed, since 2013. A marriage between blockchains and an evolved open source grid system would entrench genuine direct democratic journalism and networking in a permanent way. It would be over for the clandestine ways of tyranny.
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(TVhobo's estimated size of readership since 2013, mainly in the UK and USA, with Germany in third place:
over 200,000 readers across approximately 200 cities/towns


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