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Ideological diversity in British politics.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Johannes Karreth and Jonathan Polk write 'Recent research has found that policy convergence among the two major parties in Britain has diminished the representation of ideological diversity and decrease satisfaction with democracy among some British voters. This pattern might reproduce in voters in other European countries. The rise of more populist alternatives to traditional Social Democratic and center-left parties in the form of Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain is but one indication of this trend'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Since that has changed there has been much progress in some areas, but not really enough.


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Removal of resistance: The Corbynist 'coup' within Labour has changed the face of British politics, hopefully forever. Unification: Nonetheless my research seems likely to show that nearly 90% of Labour MPs and nearly 100% of Conservative MPs are still one united front of bankster-protecting war hawks with no morals. There is still MUCH to do, but the goons are, as unified as ever, sweating - unified sweating.

An electorate not just informed about a few contemporary facts but increasingly informed about and seized of the very nature of 'free' and 'democratic' action and argument can have this shower of deceitful, pompous, self-righteous public speakers on the run. 'A new kind of politics' is emerging and no matter what corporations do to fight it back, from red herring political debates (like 'Brexit') to neo Mcarthyism and the all new attempts at censorship of the internet-based new increasingly more democratic (than our pre-internet media's past) media, the old establishment is collapsing and many of its best fighters are already changing sides and joining the new establishment which, under Jeremy Corbyn, is preparing to take over and purge our democracy's corridors of power of this shower of utter bastards, self-serving money-crats. Fifth columnists, working for US corporations, as the honourable Mr Galloway puts it.
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