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Muslim women and the shit they have to face from the idiots 'running' our country (into oblivion).   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Siema Iqbal writes 'Muslims and Islam have been vilified and demonised by society and the media. Islamophobic attacks are on the rise. And no, I haven't been the target of an Islamophobic attack yet, but I'm also not naive enough to think it won't happen to me just because I don't wear a headscarf or because my clothing is more westernised. I dread opening my news app in case there's another unfair, biased headline for which I will then have to apologise, whether it's about child grooming or a violent killing.

I was pleased to hear you mention Islamophobia, but what have you done to counter it? Did I miss that in your speech, David? Prior to the general election, Theresa May proposed Islamophobia being recorded as a separate crime, but is this actually going to happen?

The media's prejudiced use of the term 'terrorism' has created the link between the word Muslim and terrorism, embedding it in people's minds and propagating hate towards the Muslim community. Anders Behring Breivik was labelled a terrorist until he was found not to be Muslim; then many chose to brand him a 'mass murderer' instead. Dylann Roof was described by many people simply as a 'shooter', despite having a manifesto of hate. Had they been Muslim, both would surely have been straightforwardly deemed 'terrorists'. Why should I have to stop my children from watching the news or reading the papers? The media is using the actions of a few - who quite clearly do not understand the meaning of Islam - to tarnish 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide and demonise a peaceful religion. The media needs to take some responsibility for the way in which Muslims are being treated in the UK and for the rise in Islamophobia.

David, you need to ensure the media is fair in its reporting. This double standard, inadequately monitored by the regulator Ipso - the supposedly independent body created after the Leveson inquiry - contributes towards people's lack of a 'sense of belonging' and to radicalisation.'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Lady Warsi also has useful things to say about this.


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Removal of resistance: Where it the Britain so many deluded consumer slaves pretend/believe exists? Unification: Where is this modern, civilised country. I don't see much of it anywhere.
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