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Thrust of argument: M.G. Piety writes 'There is a relentlessly leveling dynamic in contemporary Western culture, a desire to tear down, to discredit anyone who dares to rise above the fray. Danes call this Janteloven, or the law of Jante, which can be summed up as: No one should have the temerity to think he is any better than anyone else.

This leveling tendency masquerades as a progressive force, yet it is anything but. The spectacle of greatness is sublime. It elevates us above our petty egoisms, confronts us with the fact that there is something larger and more important than our paltry, individual selves. And this, my friends, is a dangerous, dangerous truth that what I will unfashionably call 'the forces of darkness' would rather keep hidden from us.

To glimpse this truth is life changing. Those whose lives are illuminated by it are not compulsive consumers. They are not petty, envious of neighbors, neurotically fearful of perceived enemies. They support the development of human potential, not retributive systems of justice and endless war.'
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: We can only imagine how great Mr Corbyn's victory would have been if not for so many crawling, cowardly people who claim to oppose Tories but who were too gullible to believe Corbyn commands the support he does and so voted 'strategically' for other parties, thus actually helping the tories when they imagined that was the opposite of what they were doing.


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Removal of resistance: I think it seems likely that Corbyn would have had one of the greatest parliamentary victories in Labour's history. Unification: This is the price of accepting mediocrity as the norm - people who failed Mr Corbyn and society so much at that election. I know a few of them - people who actually told me that the reason they wouldn't vote Labour was that it was a wasted vote and that Corbyn couldn't possibly win unless it was a progressive coalition of several parties. They did not believe he could command many votes all by himself.

And why? They feel his honesty and integrity are a weakness.

This is something to note - many of you out there see integrity as a weakness.

When a doctor is performing surgery on a potentially dying patient - it is the integrity of their method which that patient's life depends on.

You have clearly been brainwashed by tv into believing reality is the way screenwriters and men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey see it. You imagine yourselves to be modern and rational but you are far from rational and your belief system finds parallels in many medieval societies.
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