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Victoria Atkins, Conservative MP.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: 'Consistently voted for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas'.

Not sure where she shops for printer ink cartridges: '£726 on printer ink cartridges' - that's an expense of hers in a particular pair of months apparently (see link in the references below).
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Another war hawk. Tory or Labour, there are so very many war hawks.


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Removal of resistance: The general population has shown time and again it doesn't support this, other than the racist far right contingent and a chunk of the privileged, but the rest are clearly antiwar. Unification: I think the best thing we can do is ensure that after the next election every tory and every labour MP is absolutely fucking terrified (of the public backlash and the contempt for them in the public mind) of supporting wars.

They do this in OUR names and the backlash, the responsibility for all the war crimes, the anger in those hearts whose worlds we destroy and rape, FOR MONEY, is directed at us, the people.

This is why so many young people 'refuse to wear a poppy' - as the Daily Mail puts it, obviously they are correct that the whole poppy culture is one of obligation and force and has nothing to do with freedom and choice and peace and love and unity.

Atkins you war hawk - resign, go the fuck away. I want no war hawks in the tory party, or indeed the labour party. Resign you genocide backing fuckup. Get the fuck out of the tory party - we don't want nasty racist war monger brainless fuckups like you in it, or in any party, get the fuck out Atkins you fucking pathetic failed public servant. You are here to serve ALL BRITISH PEOPLE including non white ones. GET THE FUCK OUT OF PARLIAMENT YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING RACIST.
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