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Thrust of argument: Whilst most tories, for obvious reasons, voted for investigations into the Iraq war, this one actually voted with those trying to cover Blair's rear end. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: That makes him even more vile than most other tories, without a doubt, in my opinion. A war hawk, and virulently so, it seems. Covering much corporate rear-endage too. A kind of 'model tory' - a purveyor of professional vileness.


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Removal of resistance: Anyway, just a few preliminary links, as usual, to be going on with. Unification: His trip to Saudi Arabia is no doubt worth reading about, clearly.

The Indy writes: 'The MPs listed as having received paid-for visits to the the country are Edward Argar, Rehman Chisti, Sir Alan Duncan, Sir Edward Garnier, David Jones, Kwasi Kwarteng, David Mackintosh, Mark Pawsey, Royston Smith, Martin Vickers, and Helen Whately.' (See link in the references below).
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