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Thrust of argument: Paul Edwards writes 'Evolution in economic systems produced the fatal cancer of contemporary Capitalism. In retrospect, this appears to have been inevitable.

Human life requires food, water, shelter, clothing, which, if not produced, must be traded for, bought, or stolen. As societies ramified in complexity general self- sufficiency decreased and a money economy supplied them.

With ever growing populations, demand increased exponentially, allowing entities that could provide necessities exploitative power-even with an abundance of supply-through ownership and control of resources.

In Capitalist economies, as in nature, greater force displaces lesser. More money displaces less; consolidation is inevitable. Larger and fewer financial entities eliminate competition. Capitalism perfected the process. Economics is not governed by human ethics or morality any more than gravity is'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: That doesn't mean commercial society will die.


Read about a low-risk "end of day" trading method designed for long and stable periods of economic activity.


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Removal of resistance: The corporate/consumer fanatics need to stop confusing the means and the end. Unification: The aim has always been for all humans to be able to live well, and so the system must evolve - a great deal - because we're not near that stage.

In fact we're going backwards very fast.
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