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Thrust of argument: Michael Bradley writes 'Since the US is deeply involved in the economic, political, and military affairs of countries across the Middle East and North Africa, failure to mention such details (or at least to provide a single example of a detailed case of US involvement, say, the US and Saudi support of bin Laden's forces in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation that helped later to give impetus to the formation of al Qaeda), strikes me as irresponsible omission'. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: When you write something misleading, where the image presented is in some way fake, and call it 'news', that's surely fake news?


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Removal of resistance: So these omissions Bradley mentions, their omission does indicate that there's much 'fakeness' in the so-called 'mainstream' media. Unification: What you need to do, each and every one of you, although clearly Bradley there (and many like him) is/are okay - has grasped the reality - but what YOU need to do, if you haven't, is be honest with yourself about the PRECISE meaning of the word balance.

Which 'news' providers actually behave like kids on a playground, brow-beating others, not bound by adult notions such as genuine accountability and honesty?

A simple example of dishonesty in the mainstream media is an incident where Rowena Mason pretended some vile Tory had said something they very clearly didn't say. Which is very sad. There are plenty of HONEST ways to rubbish and bring down a vile tory. Only people with totally the wrong agenda would be using lies and playground games to try and attack a Tory goon.

And a more important example is that of Monbiot, a 'Witchfinder General', according to Jonathan Cook.

Then you have the outright arses, like Norman Tebbit and Nick Cohen - pretty much everything they ever say can be used to demonstrate that they are full of shit. Nonetheless, examples even from them will be provided on this 'grid' of information.
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