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Thrust of argument: In the west, little is said of American and other western military rape, against each other and against people in other countries. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: And even at home, the same double standards apply: The UK Column writes 'Or could their real reluctance be that the abusers are white, the victims are white and those 'blowing the whistle' on physical and sexual abuse at OCVC are Asian, Muslim and Non-White. A situation contrary to the desired mainstream political agenda and common purpose which seeks to target one community above another'.

They report 'In February of this year, two ex students students 16 and 17, reported an OCVC staff member, already implicated in abuse of other students, for physical assault. No formal statements were ever taken by TVP and five weeks later the police informed the family that no further action would be taken due to the lack of evidence. The 'no investigation, no evidence' pattern continues. Neither student could return to OCVC for fear of being assaulted again. One has joined another college where they now feel safe and are understood to be doing well.'


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Removal of resistance: As I have pointed out: '1 in 5 women aged 16 - 59 has experienced some form of sexual violence since the age of 16' (in Britain).

If you have daughters or granddaughters in Britain, note that they may have as high as a 20% chance of suffering sexual violence from (in all probability) a white male, by the time they are 70.

That's a fact.

Take steps to protect your daughters.

Demand that the Home Secretary take a strong position on the rapes carried out by (mostly) 'white' men every single day in Britain. I've never seen her raise this as a cultural problem - but it most certainly is. WHY do these men think they can do that? What the fuck is wrong with them?
Unification: Apparently 11 men rape a woman or man every hour in Britain, obviously most of these men are white - and what is important to also note is that clearly they are spread across 'all classes' - British society (and other societies, for example western ones) has a very serious problem in how it portrays women - it is a hyperconsumer society which hypersexualises everything and everyone it can. Driven by greed, lust and gratification, this society's actions and beliefs cause a lot of problems both here and abroad. The insane obsession with sex is the root of this problem and until it is dealt with the problem clearly is just going to get worse.
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