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Thrust of argument: Too fresh to have voted for any genocide or war mongeirng yet, but did vote 'aye' for universal credit roll out, with the majority. Perhaps most Labour activists will not readily speak about this in public - tis all, perhaps, largely a marketing game for many of them. Few people with integrity exist in any 'party' or anywhere else, indeed, on the political landscape. People speak of 'a new kind of politics' - but often continue to use the old kind of tricks and games. The case of Rowena Mason's absurd 'attack' on albeit western-military-industrial-complex stooge Hammond is a good example. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: So I'm not sure about what that means exactly - ie the Labour MPs voting FOR the roll-out of Universal Credit. I know Corbyn appears to be against it and it appears that he is probably right to oppose it. How come 'his' MPs were voting for it? How corporatist and tory are they? That's the question we must ask of each and everyone of them.


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Removal of resistance: Presumably loud activists attacking tories for Universal Credit on behalf of Labour generically (not ever bothering to distinguish between the shower of corporatist genocidal racist Labour tools and morons on the one hand and the Jeremy Corbyns on the other) will not be the best place to look for an answer to this. Unification: Hey, Labour activists, what's the point of your having Jeremy Corbyn if you also go on the record agreeing with and backing Labour MPs who are the total opposite of him?

Do you actually understand logic? FFS.

Anyway, people, below are some preliminary links for Tonia Antoniazzi.

I'd like to know why all these MPs are voting to keep airline prices down - I'm not sure it is really in the interest of the environment for them to do that. I shall look into it much further. Maybe all these MPs need to be replaced with greens or something. Still, there is as yet no evidence that Antoniazzi has followed or will follow the example of numerous Labour MPs in being a stooge for arms companies, a jingoist, a war monger and a corporatist. Some of what she says indicates she may have a vested interest in fighting corporatism but her link to team sports may have indoctrinated her and made her into a jingoist. I'll have to read more about and from her.
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