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What information is known publicly has largely come from leaks.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Julia Paley writes 'Transnational corporations in the pharmaceutical, entertainment, and banking industries, among others, are shaping rules that apply to copyrights, medicinal patents, food labeling, and financial regulation. Over 600 advisers, mainly from corporations, have direct access to the text - unlike national legislatures and civil society organizations around the world, from whom the document has been kept secret. What information is known publicly has largely come from leaks.

If their influence over the scope of the treaty weren't enough, the TPP has provisions that allow corporations to sue national governments in unaccountable tribunals if a regulation passed after the treaty goes into effect cuts into their future profits. In many cases these 'investor-state dispute settlement' (ISDS) mechanisms are enough to prevent countries from passing such regulations in the first place'.
Direction of resistance / implied resistance: When these are the only people bringing you this crucial information which can save your kids from a shit world, a worse than shit world no doubt - how can you disparage leaks and whistle blowers?


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Removal of resistance: Think of it like a doctor. If a doctor is dishonest, and you can't trust their information, you're fucked. If they use p.r. and if they have 'secrets' from you for 'your own good'. Unification: Use your nut, people. USE IT. The nut. Use it now. That's what it's for. USE IT. Dammit. Now. Yeah. Use it.
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