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What human has ever had any real right to nuke any other human? Ask yourself to answer that question truthfully. As Feynman points out, the atom bomb was only a valid invention if being made to actually thwart off an imminent threat of atomic warfare by Germany - Hiroshima is a war crime and must be treated that way.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: Remember that Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened for various reasons, partly I am told because Japanese Kamikaze pilots were too hard for Americans to beat (so therefore the USA wanted to use something amazingly destructive to terrorise Japan - unable to beat them in a fair fight, the USA followed Hitler's example and pushed forward with a plan to dominate others using weapons of mass destruction). This is a society which pretends to condemn others for using weapons of mass destruction. A society which now uses depleted uranium shells and white phosphorous, a society with hundreds of military bases across the world, a society which believes, without a doubt, that it is 'racially superior' to the rest of the world. Direction of resistance / implied resistance: Consider how many civilians died.


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Removal of resistance: Watch the video of Richard Feynman, one of our 'greatest scientists', confessing that it was immoral for him to continue to work on the bomb after Germany had been defeated and admitting that the parties and celebrating at Los Alamos whilst people in Hiroshima were dying were a disgusting thing he regrets. Unification: How come our 'Queen' and 'Prime Minister' and nation will not have a minute of silence on August 6th and August 9th for the first mass victims of western weapons of mass destruction used by the imperialist United States and its stooges and tools? Is this just a sick racist neo nazi society? Certainly does seem so to me.

Read the John Laforge article in the references below, moreover, to consider the question of why the 'allies' claimed Hiroshima and Nagasaki were 'necessary' - and wonder for yourself what the truth is - the evidence is extremely disturbing.

Imagine if your children were grandchildren of members of Hitler's armed forces or nazi society and imagine that nazism had not yet been defeated - because indeed there is not much difference between that hypothetical situation and today's situation if you are a 'westerner', regardless of 'colour' or 'creed'.
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