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My 'English public school', one of the leading schools in the land and linked to much government and banking power - has recently had five teachers, five white male teachers, convicted of crimes ranging from sexual molesting to actively creating child pornography - grooming boys. Indeed the one convicted by the British justice system for grooming boys for sexual purposes is alleged even by the Daily Mail to have been ex-SAS - my school, St Paul's, suffered this recently - and yet you probably have heard nothing about it. Isn't it odd that one of the eight original public schools has FIVE WHITE MEN CONVICTED OF SEX CRIMES INCLUDING GROOMING CHILDREN TO BE ABUSED AND CREATING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY and yet there is no hooha in the press? If it was about non white men, we would hear this as the centre of discussion on the barbarism of non white people for about 20 years to come - but because five establishment white men working at one of the most important schools in the west are the convicted sex offenders, it is not used to demonstrate anything general about anyone.   Share:  
Thrust of argument: And yet who in our society treats them, or 'white men' the same way as they do when they want to demonise muslims or asians or whoever is 'foreign' and cast them as dangerous rapists, etc? Direction of resistance / implied resistance: What a society of god damn hypocrites.


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Removal of resistance: Sick sick sick hypocrites. Unification: And they, this society, call people like Jackie Walker and Moshe Machover 'anti-semitic'.

Profoundly disgusting.

What the hell would Primo Levi say about all this?
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